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the premier solution for international students seeking to study in North America

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Welcome to Global Education Alliance.

We are the premier solution for international students seeking to study in North America. Headquartered in Canada with infrastructure in various countries, we provide a global support system that ensures the study experience in North America is safe, productive, and enjoyable.

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Why Choose Us?

Organizing international seminars, information sessions, and recruitment events

Recruiting directly from overseas partner schools

Building partnership with financial institutions to host "overseas study seminar" for their VIP clients

Organizing on-going local student activities, events, and information sessions

Creating print advertisement and social media campaigns

Managing social networking sites and online discussion forums popular among the locals

Designing of market-specific marketing materials

Developing and providing insights for the development of market-specific marketing strategy and campaigns

What Clients Say?

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Study Services

Consulting, Accommodation, Landing, Tutoring and Career Service.

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Visa Services

Temporary Resident Visa, Study Permit and Work Permit.

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Immigration Services

Skilled, Family and Investment Classes.

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