Global Education Alliance

Connecting People Via Education

At Global Education Alliance (GEA), our consultants are committed to providing a personalized experience and working closely with students from the beginning of the program-searching progress, all the way to their successful enrollment, and even beyond. We provide a comprehensive list of services including admissions support, accommodation and travel arrangements, tutoring services, landing services, custodianship and parents’ reports, and more.

All of our senior consultants are outstanding in terms of their knowledge of North American schools and programs, understanding of cultural variations, attention to each and every student’s background and situation, and, most importantly, their compassion and empathy for education and students’ success.

Why GEA is different?

We have the network and resources to complement partner institutions’ admissions teams by attracting the brightest young minds from around the world. We support our partners with international branding and recruitment through ongoing marketing activities including but not limited to:

Organizing international seminars, information sessions, and recruitment events

Recruiting directly from overseas partner schools

Building partnership with financial institutions to host "overseas study seminar" for their VIP clients

Organizing on-going local student activities, events, and information sessions

Creating print advertisement and social media campaigns

Managing social networking sites and online discussion forums popular among the locals

Designing of market-specific marketing materials

Developing and providing insights for the development of market-specific marketing strategy and campaigns

CIBT Education Group

Global Education Alliance (GEA) is part of the CIBT Education Group Inc., one of the largest educations and student housing investment companies in Canada focused on the global education market since 1994. Listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, CIBT owns business and language colleges, student housing properties, recruitment centers, and corporate offices at 43 locations in Canada and abroad. Total annual enrollment for the group exceeds 12,000 students.

Visit us online and watch our corporate video at www.cibt.net

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