NEW FEATURED PROGRAM: Canadian Post Graduate Program in Mobile and Web Application Development and Design

Web and mobile applications have become indispensable at this age of modern technology. PC and mobile gadget users are constantly searching for the latest applications that are not only helpful, but also engaging and convenient to use.

Web and mobile applications must meet various needs and lifestyles and learning how to create a good one calls for a special set of computer programming skills.

Students who are interested to master the technical and creative aspects of it can aim for a Post Graduate Program in Mobile and Web Application Development and Design in Canada. This two-year program will tackle the whole development process covering conceptualization and visual design to execution. To create a visually appealing user interface, the program will also highlight the importance of choosing the right colors, text formatting and graphics. Efficient applications also call for a seamless interaction between the client and server – a crucial area that requires specific programming know-how.

Students may opt to focus on either the designer or developer aspects of developing web and mobile applications. They can decide on their final choice up to the third term.

This innovative program was just launched and will start in September 2015. Students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible to accommodate for student visa processing time.

For more info on this program or other Canadian education matters, please contact Aron Aytona, Education Consultant from CIBT Global Education Alliance at