Alexander College

I found Alexander College small to begin with, but after I started at the college, I found the teaching staff and support staff were very helpful. They helped me significantly with my transfer and home stay.

Janice Liu
International Student
Accepted into the second year at the
Sauder School of Business, Commerce

Alexander College helps young people benefit from participating in the higher education community. They provide the first two years of university study leading to an Associate degree and university transfer in a student-centered and supportive environment.

The school provides a serious and supportive learning environment where students with a variety of cultural backgrounds and language abilities can begin university study while simultaneously improving their English-language skills. There is also an academic preparation that is recognized by other academic institutions throughout North America and beyond, and that provides a foundation for successful progress through more advanced studies.

Alexander College fosters individual growth and development by supporting each student’s academic achievement and involvement in the community life of the College. It also aims to establish and maintain a reputation for excellence in the academic community in every aspect of college programs, activities, and services.

In Alexander College, staff and instructors are well qualified to provide student-centered support. Classes are limited to at least 35 students or less for all subjects. Courses are full transferable within BC transfer System to colleges and universities within BC. Personalized academic planning, advising services and free tutoring for all courses is also available. Best of all, Alexander College has an affordable fees compared with public colleges and universities.

2 campuses are strategically located in downtown of Burnaby and Vancouver. Both are just one block from the Skytrain Stations.