ACSENDA School of Management

Ascenda specializes in business management and leadership programs with emphasis on international focus. The institution offers flexible undergraduate academic programs in Business Administration, HR Management, General Management, Marketing and Accounting.

Ascenda takes pride in holding a smaller class size which allows closer interaction between instructors and students.

The school is a subsidiary of the CIBT Education group, a Canadian-based global education management company with an international network of schools and educational services. Acsenda is unique among the CIBT group organizations as the only authorized institution that can offer a Canadian undergraduate degree.

Acsenda School of Management is located in the heart of Vancouver, British Columbia, one of the most livable and culturally-diverse cities in the world.


Ascenda School of Management provides a great opportunity for those students who wish to finish their degrees in a timely fashion. Students are able to complete their BBA in 2.5 years. An accelerated program made my studies intense and challenging however the highly qualified instructor and individualized attention helped me be successful. I would recommend Ascenda School of Management to any students looking for a fast tracked degree program with optimum quality.

I’ve always considered educaton as the ultimate investment in my career, personal development and in achieving life’s goals. Acsenda School of Management has provided me with that education to do so and if I had the opportunity to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. Thanks.

Acsenda’s location is in one of the most prestigious areas in downtown Vancouver. It is in close proximity to many professional business establishments. Vancouver is also a multicultural city with diverse landscapes and luxury settings. The city offers a wide array of cuisines for residents to enjoy. I highly-recommend everyone to visit Vancouver to enjoy its unique lifestyle and everything it has to offer.

Our learning experience at ASM is one for the books because I enjoyed it very much. I was given the opportunity to be the President of the Alumni Student Society which helped me shape my personality by striving to become a successful student. ASM gave me the opportunity to complete my BBA in just three years. I was lucky to find a college that offers a high standard of education. ASM is also dedicated in providing individualized approach to the students.

I have made a lot of friends from different countries which widened my personal network of contacts. I know that this can assist me in my future career. I believe that hard work and determination are keys to success.   Students can easily obtain a degree if they have a clear vision, the will to never give up, and the perseverance to be the best at what they do.