Bow Valley College

Fast, focused, and flexible.

This is the kind of education Bow Valley College promises to deliver to its students. Each of their programs is tailored to fit the student’s unique needs.

Bow Valley College has over 50 career program offerings that were designed to help students succeed faster in their chosen fields. Students can build their education in the fields of Business and Administration, Health Care, Human Services and Justice. The school offers career-focused programs that can quickly equip students with the practical skills needed so they can enter the workforce in a shorter period of time.

The programs challenge students to think creatively to find innovative ways of thinking. Bow Valley takes pride in their small-class size, high-quality instruction, applied learning, focused work experience and extensive support services.

This world-class college offers high school upgrading, ESL and a range of continuing education courses for students with varying learning goals- may it be to upgrade their work skills, earn a certificate or take further studies. To accommodate flexible schedules, the school holds evenings and weekend classes throughout the year.

Bow Valley College is situated in the heart of Calgary, Alberta, one of Canada’s most vibrant cities.