Chilliwack School District

Located in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, Chilliwack School District is a learning community of over 14,000 students, served by 1,800 teachers and support staff. The school diverse programs include elementary, middle and secondary neighborhood schools as well as alternate and distance learning programs.

The Chilliwack School District International Student Program has been offering an outstanding educational program to students from around the globe for the past ten years. Whether the purpose is to improve their use of the English language, to learn various sciences or explore the arts, International students are able to choose from the same extensive and varied learning opportunities that the students of Chilliwack enjoy.

The International Student program provides participants with challenging academic studies and English language learning opportunities in classrooms where they are fully integrated with fellow Canadian students.

Chilliwack School District follows the Graduation Program requirements of the Ministry of Education of the province of British Columbia. Graduates from high schools receives the British Columbia Graduation Certificate (Dogwood Diploma). Furthermore, researches showed that Howard Gardner’s concept of “multiple intelligences” is a valuable framework for viewing human development and curriculum. The school’s purpose is to help students develop their full potential, to be intelligent in as many ways as possible, and to synthesize their “intelligences” to produce creative, productive, and meaningful thinking.