Improve Your English Communication Skills

CSLI specializes in Conversational English classes. The school provides an active and engaging environment where students can get comfortable speaking English and learn to communicate effectively and with ease.

With CSLI’s focus on conversation and our “English only” policy, students are provided lots of opportunities to practice English and to keep improving even outside of the classrooms while socializing with other international students.

Students from over 100 different countries have chosen to study at CSLI’s English school in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. Students is from all over the world meets and become lifelong friends while enjoying the best time of their lives!

CSLI’s wide variety of English courses and programs enables students to focus on their areas of interest and overcome their weaknesses. English school students have the flexibility to change their programs weekly.

This flexibility allows both students staying for a shorter stay as well as long-stay students to get the most out of their experience in Canada and make great improvements in their English language abilities.

CSLI is located in dynamic Yaletown, the newest and trendiest district of downtown Vancouver. In addition to being close to the Vancouver Public Library, bus stops and other central conveniences, our English school is located just a few minutes’ walking distance from Yaletown station, providing direct skytrain access to and from Vancouver International Airport.