Inspired Learning

Delta School District’s 24 elementary and seven secondary schools provide safe, culturally diverse and nurturing learning environments. The school offers a variety of quality programs to meet unique learning needs and engage students in a stimulating and relevant educational experiences. A dedication to social responsibility teaches the students to respect themselves, their environment and each other.

Ranking highly in student and parent satisfaction surveys, the school constantly strive to build real value in education. Delta school’s graduation rates are among the highest in British Columbia and students consistently rate near the top of the annual Foundation Skills Assessment tests. The emphasis on achievement is reinforced every year with its annual Achievement Contract – ensuring key areas stay in focus and school resources are allocated for the maximum benefit of all students. All of these accomplishments are due as much to the dedication and hard work of teachers and staff as they are to the commitment and support of parents and the broader learning community. Delta School District offers a wide variety of programs that meet the individual needs of the students with caring, socially responsible and safe learning environments. The District supports choice through a variety of different programs, all of which are focused on the pursuit of scholastic excellence and enabling student success.

In the Delta School District, the entire community is working hard to become the best district that it can be. The school aims to be the leading district for innovative teaching and learner success’ by 2020.

Located 30 minutes from Vancouver, 20 minutes from the airport, and touching the USA border, Delta has 31 schools in three towns (Delta, Ladner, and Tsawwassen). International students from age 5 to 18 years old in short term, full year, and summer camp programs are welcome. The school has a monthly sightseeing activities such as ski trips to Whistler, whale watching, camp excursions and more. With continuous intake, students can start at the beginning of each month all year long.