GEC Student Residence

GEC – Global Education City offer access to, and provide, safe, secure and comfortable accommodations to foreign and domestic students, thereby helping to give them a positive, meaningful experience while they live and study in Vancouver, BC, Canada. GEC has developed a network of serviced apartments and hotels throughout the Metro Vancouver area, each at a centralized location and within approximately five minutes walking distance from a Skytrain station.

Global Education Alliance Education Consulting Services

Global Education Alliance is able to offer the most comprehensive services to ensure you are getting the education that you want. With operations in both Asia and North America we can uniquely provide the following:

  • Program Consultation

A GEA professional arranges a meeting with you to identify what you want and need out of your education.

The GEA professional will provide you with suggestions tailored to your needs, background, work experience, and academic credentials.

  • School Admission Support

The GEA professional will represent you in your school application and will work with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth enrollment process.

Other Services

  • Pre-departure Services and Orientation

Depending on the GEA office location, GEA may also offer pre-departure services such as student insurance set up, student lodging preparation, flight bookings, setting up bank accounts and mobile phone subscriptions.

We can facilitate a pre-departure orientation to ensure a convenient and hassle-free arrival. This can help you understand your transportation options, locations of restaurants and interesting activities, as well as school policies.

  • Parents Support

GEA extends all possible assistance to parents. We can assign guardians for students below 19 years of age in order to allow them to study abroad.

  • Accommodation

GEA professionals carefully research and select home-stay providers to verify that you are staying in a safe and secure home before you arrive. We can also connect students to other lodging options such as student dormitories and rental units.

  • Tutoring

GEA can set up tutorial services for a variety of subjects and needs.